Top 5 cars guaranteed to boost UK Dads’ ‘school run cred’


We’ve just had Father’s Day here in the UK, so following on from Sunday’s celebrations, HPI decided to carry out a poll within its group of motoring editors to find out which make and model of cars guarantee to boost ‘school gate cred’ for those Dads doing the school run across the country.

The UK vehicle history checking company has come up with its top 5 list of cars which their team of motoring editors definitely guarantee will boost ‘school drop off cred’ with Dads all over the country.

The senior Black Book editor at HPI, James Dower, said the company thought it would be a bit of fun this June, the month we celebrate Father’s Day, to take a look at which make and model of cars provide our Dads here in the UK with the most ‘school run cred’.

School Run Dad's - the coolest car to drive

Jaguar F-Pace voted coolest ‘school gate cred’ car for Dad’s doing the school run © Copyright Hugh Venables and licensed for reuse under this Creative Commons Licence.


The company’s team of motoring editors deliberated over all types and style of cars, from supercars to one-off fantasy cars – classic films such as Back to the Future featured Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd flying around in a DeLorean DMC-12.

The team from HPI finally decided to stick with real cars that Dads all over the country would be more than happy to drive and would guarantee to boost that all important ‘school run cred’.

Here is HPI’s top 5 list of cars guaranteed to boost ‘school gate cred’:

1. Jaguar F-Pace

2. Range Rover Evoque

3. VW Tiguan

4. Audi TT

5. BMW X1

Mr Dower from HPI said the Jaguar F-Pace just pipped the Evoque and Tiguan to take top spot.

“With its iconic Jaguar heritage in a popular SUV bodystyle, the F-Pace is sporty and compact yet relatively affordable. It’s also perfect for the age range of a dad doing the school run,” added Mr Dower.


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