Here at Clear Car Leasing, we have been testing out the Seat Ateca and in this review is all our honest feedback and thoughts on it.

Our first impressions of the Seat Ateca are extremely positive, the headlights, alloy wheels and the overall look stood out, making it look very modern and current. The great first impression didn’t change when you got inside as everything felt well-built and of high quality making the drive home and to work feel special and extremely comfortable. It even made our day!

Using the aids and equipment such as the 360 reversing camera and the infotainment screen was a very pleasant and rather enjoyable experience due to just how clear and easy the screen was to use. The electric tailgate was also great when you had your hands full as you could still access the boot without having to put all your stuff on the floor.

We decided to compare the Seat Ateca to our current cars to see which we prefer and if we’d even make the decision to swap our cars for it. One of our colleagues, who has a Ford Fiesta, said ‘If it was in budget, and if an SUV was what I was looking for, I would definitely change due to the higher level of equipment it had compared to my car now.’

Another colleague, who has an Audi S3 said, ‘wouldn’t change it at this current moment but when my car comes up for renewal, I would definitely consider it or a SEAT in general.’ Overall the Seat Ateca has definitely made some people’s heads turn.

From driving the Ateca on different types of roads such as motorways we think it is perfect for long journeys and would be great for driving abroad as it has plenty of passenger room and it is comfortable to drive. When driving on countryside roads, dirt tracks or farm tracks the AWD system made it feel very comfortable as it gripped well to the road and didn’t make pot holes feel as bumpy. Road noise was to the minimum and it was never too loud that the radio couldn’t hide it.

Overall, the Seat Ateca felt nippy when pulling out or setting off from a standstill. We were also all very impressed with the amount of storage room on offer as there was plenty of room for a medium to large dog or even 4 suitcases.

We have given the Seat Ateca Xcellence Lux an overall rating of 8.5/10!

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