And it’s young drivers who make up almost two-thirds of the statistics


According to statistics from a DVLA Freedom of Information request by the safety campaigners Brake, around 33 new drivers in the UK lose their licence every day!

In total, 11,953 new drivers lost their licence in 2018 which when worked out over a calendar month, equates to on average around 33 new drivers losing their licence every day.

Under the New Drivers Act, motorists who accumulate six or more penalty points within two years from passing their test can have their licence revoked.

Offends must then have to reapply and need to once again pass both the provisional and practical parts of the driving test before being allowed to drive once more.

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Almost two-thirds of the statistics were made up of young drivers, as 62% of those who lost their licence were aged between 17 and 24.

From this age group, a total of 1,649 of them were aged 19 years-old, with 20 year-olds following on 1,395 and 21 year-olds on 1,026 – all having their licences revoked.

The statistics also showed that the 17-24 age group is responsible for almost one fifth of all fatalities and serious injuries on Britain’s roads.

The new data has Brake extremely concerned, claiming more needs to be done to ensure our young people are kept safe.

“It’s shocking that so many new drivers are racking up enough penalty points to have their licences revoked so soon after passing their test, particular those in the 17-24 age bracket,” said Joshua Harris, Director of Campaigns for Brake, adding: “It clearly demonstrates that we need to make our licensing system, more robust so that when a driver passes their test, they have all the necessary tools and knowledge to drive safely on all roads and in all conditions.”

Brake are now urging for a Graduated Driver Licensing (GDL) scheme to be introduced in the UK which would include a 12 month learner period followed by a two year novice period.

The safety campaign organisation claims that a novice period would enable new motorists to drive independently whilst placing restrictions such as a night-time driving curfew to help improve road safety.

Other changes have also been suggested by the Government and the DfT, such as introducing penalty points for not wearing a seatbelt.

A pilot version of the GLA scheme is set to launch in Northern Ireland during 2019/20 and if it’s a success, might be rolled out here in the UK.

The plans will ensure drivers have to take lessons for six months and new drivers must cary pass plates for a minimum of two years once they gain their driving licence. Those under 24 will only be able to carry one passenger between the hours of 11pm and 6 am for the first six months after gaining their licence.

“We are committed to ensuring our roads are safe for all road users and our comprehensive Road Safety Action Plan sets out more than 70 different measures to decrease the number of deaths and injuries on our roads,” said a spokesman for the DfT, adding: “This includes helping new drivers to stay safe through a number of actions, such as encouraging learner drivers to increase on-the-road experience before taking their test and reinforcing vital road safety messages through our THINK! campaign.”



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