Here’s a list of 10 mistakes you need to avoid so as not to invalidate your premium


Motorists in the UK could be making simple mistakes which could invalidate their insurance policy and some of them on the list are quite astonishing to say the least!

According to research gathered by, drivers in the UK could be risking around £114million in refused car insurance claims because of a simple mistake.

Failing to MoT your vehicle at the right time, forgetting to renew your car insurance or putting car maintenance jobs on hold can all lead to invalidation of your policy.

Nearly two thirds (63%) of motorists in the UK are making simple mistakes that could leave them worse off.

Here's a list of 10 mistakes you need to avoid so as not to invalidate your premium

Simple mistakes drivers could be making that might invalidate their car insurance policy also discovered that a quarter of motorists had no idea that making a simple mistake could result in an invalid policy, whilst over a third confessed to forgetting how much a simple error might effect their policy.

A number of other costly mistakes were unearthed by, including drivers admitting that they’d forgotten to lock their car, whilst 25% confessed to not changing over into the correct shoes for driving.

By simply not updating your address if you move home, you could invalidate your policy and leave yourself out of pocket.

According to recent data released by the Association of British Insurers (ABI), more than 43,000 car insurance claims are denied each year.

The average insurance claim is now reported to be around £2,670, meaning motorists in the UK could be losing out on as much as £114.85million from rejected claims every year.

What this research does show is just how much these simple, easy to avoid mistakes are costing drivers across the country.

Insurance expert at, Rod Jones, said: “We know the British public are increasingly time poor, so it’s unsurprising that motorists can be forgetful when it comes to locking up their cars or renewing their car MOT and taxes on time.”

Motorists are advised to make a note of important renewal dates and avoid making simple mistakes that could invalidate their policy – these simple precautions could make the difference between a positive claim or a rejection.

10 of the top mistakes that could invalidate your car insurance policy:

  1. Wearing high heels or flip flops while driving (25%)
  2. Leaving car unlocked (24%)
  3. Putting off car maintenance when required (21%)
  4. Forgetting to renew their car MOT on time (16%)
  5. Letting pet/s  roam free in the car (15%)
  6. Lent car to a friend or family member (14%)
  7. Not updated details after changing jobs (9%)
  8. Attached fluffy dice, or another object, to rear-view mirror (9%)
  9. Forgotten to renew vehicle tax on time (9%)
  10. Underestimated mileage travelled everyday (8%)


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