New report claims men are FOUR times more likely to end up in court


It’s been discussed and debated for decades – who make the better drivers, men or women?

And finally thanks to a new report we have the answer – conclusive evidence suggests that women really are better drivers than men, so the debate can finally be laid to rest.

According to the report, men are FOUR times more likely to end up in court and TWICE as likely to make an insurance claim.

New report claims men are FOUR times more likely to end up in court

Sorry men, it seems that women are the better drivers after all!


This is emulated in the fact that generally men pay around £92 more a year than women for their insurance. published the report and according to them the average policy for women is £701, whilst men are paying £793 in comparison, despite the fact that back in 2012 an EU law was introduced which banned gender discrimination by UK insurers.

According to official figures, 585,000 drivers in England ended up in court in 2017 on motoring offence charges and just less than eight in ten of those were men – outnumbering the ladies by nearly four to one!

Of these offences, 23% were men who’d been caught for speeding – quite a lot higher than women at 7%. It was also men who outnumbered women when it came to drink driving offences by five to one, plus men were twice as likely to be caught for driving without insurance or tax.

Furthermore, it’s male drivers who cost insurance providers more when it comes to paying out for claims, which suggests it’s men who have more accidents overall than women drivers.

Two out of three insurance claims last year were made by men and out of these 17% were fault claims. To compare, just one in three claims in 2017 came from women, of which just 9% were fault claims.

Also, not only is it male drivers who make the most claims but they’re often slightly more expensive as well, claiming on average £3,271 per payout, compared to a typical payout for women of £3,121. The reason for the difference could be that men tend to drive more expensive cars.

“As a female racing driver, I know women can hold their own when it comes to driving, and data suggests that they are in fact safer on the roads,” said’s Amanda Stretton.

The report also discovered that male drivers are more likely to be guilty of bad driving habits, with nearly one in four confessing to not indicating when they switch lane – this was around one in six for women in comparison.


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