If the chance of a fine and penalty points doesn’t stop you, maybe this will..


We all know by now that if you get caught using your mobile phone behind the wheel, you’ll probably be issued with a £200 fine and six penalty points as punishment.

However, despite tougher penalties being introduced, many motorists still continue to flout the law and use their mobile phone whilst driving, putting themselves and other road users in danger as using such devices whilst in control of a vehicle is distracting and does take your eyes off the road.

Using your mobile phone to send a ‘quick’ text message or simply changing a song can have serious consequences, however according to a recent survey, reading an email is the most dangerous activity you can carry out on your mobile device, as a driver can travel up to an astonishing 532m when reading a long email for just 17 seconds at 70mph!

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Charity THINK! recommends leaving your mobile phone in the glove compartment to avoid temptation.

These findings mean that a driver is essentially covering the length of 5 football pitches whilst reading just one email, reduced to 4 if travelling at 60mph and 3 if your speed is reduced to 40mph.

The second most dangerous activity to carry out on your mobile phone whilst driving is taking a selfie which you might think is something no driver would ever consider doing, but worryingly people actually do take selfies on the move!

It takes on average around 12 seconds to take an image, with a driver travelling a total of 376m during this time – the same length as 7.5 Olympic swimming pools!

Watching an Instagram story roughly takes around 5 seconds and would see a driver travelling 156m at 70mph – the length of 7.5 cricket pitches!

To read a ‘quick’ text message takes around 4 seconds and means a car will travel 125m at 70mph, however sending a ‘quick’ reply back takes around double the time and will have you travelling a further 250m!

Simply changing a song could have serious consequences, as in the three or so seconds it takes to change track would mean you’ve travelled around 100m at 70mph just to listen to a new tune.

The only way of staying safe behind the wheel is to do what the charity THINK! recommends drivers do and that’s to leave mobile devices in the glove compartment – out of sight means you won’t be distracted by incoming notices on your home screen.



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