Not for much longer thanks to new British app that informs drivers of an empty space


Most drivers at some point have struggled to find a parking space, driving round and round the same area hoping to spot an empty bay or waiting to pounce when another car leaves but now thanks to a new British app called Wejo, these frustrating moments in our lives could soon be a thing of the past.

The new app uses data processed from connected cars and helps drivers to find an empty parking space more quickly.

The real-time knowledge of what’s happening on our roads will transfer to the app user and inform them where empty spaces are to park, as well as letting them know what the best routes are to avoid traffic.

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New British app called Wejo could make finding an empty parking space a thing of the past. © Copyright Niki Walton and licensed for reuse under this Creative Commons Licence.

Basically, if every car was connected and everyone had the app, the data could be used to inform drivers of what’s happening on the roads and where parking spaces are free.

According to Wejo creators, the potential is enormous to ‘create new revenue streams, reduce costs or enhance safety and convenience for drivers’.

The company are based in Chester and has investors including the US automotive giant General Motors, who paid £20 million for a 10% stake.

Entrepreneur Richard Barlow, founder of the company, intends to find other uses for the data and hopes to supply it to breakdown services, insurance firms and local authorities.

The big question is will drivers want to sign up, as their data will be so widely available.

To answer that, the app apparently ‘obsesses about putting drivers and passengers first with built-in compliance and anonymisation frameworks, making sure that what’s private, stays private’.



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