Your brand new lease car requires a lot of TLC just the same as if you’d purchased outright


When you lease a brand new car it’s your responsibility to ensure the vehicle is looked after and maintained properly just as you would do if you’d purchased a car outright.

Leasing a car is basically a rental agreement in which you sign and accept the terms and conditions that apply. A fixed monthly payment is paid for the duration of your lease term and included in the price you pay is an agreed mileage allowance that you have chosen.

You should treat a lease contract with the upmost respect and make sure you look after the vehicle and return it in excellent condition.

How To Take Care Of Your Brand New Lease Car

Your brand new lease car requires a lot of TLC just the same as if you’d purchased outright © Copyright David Dixon and licensed for reuse under this Creative Commons Licence.


At the start of your lease contract make sure that you read all the paperwork and fully understand what is meant by ‘Fair Wear & Tear’. If you are unsure in any way please ask for it to be explained in more detail.

To avoid being penalised at the end of your contract make sure you don’t exceed your pre-agreed mileage allowance and remember, if you pay for 15,000 miles per annum but really only cover 10,000 miles per year, this will cost you more in your monthly fixed payments and it can’t be claimed back.

Look after the tyres and check them regularly to ensure the correct tyre pressure. Make sure the tread remains within the legal requirements and swap them over periodically.

Your brand new lease car should be serviced annually and including a maintenance package in your contract will ensure that the oil is changed regularly and the tyres checked for roadworthiness.

Keeping your lease car clean inside and out will ensure the vehicle stays looking good for the duration of your agreed lease term – if you have a garage, use it!


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