Research suggests the misuse of Blue Badge parking bays angers drivers the most


According to research carried out by, the most annoying parking habit that drivers have to deal with is when another motorist chooses to park in a Blue Badge bay when they don’t have the right to.

Of the 500 people who took part in the survey, 23% said the misuse of a Blue Badge bay was their biggest gripe, followed closely by those who park too close to your vehicle (22%).

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Other parking habits that annoy drivers include other vehicles taking up too much space when parking (18%), whilst on 14% was those drivers who think it’s okay to park in a parent/child space when they have no children.

Parking on the pavement angers many drivers (13%) and those who fail to leave contact details after bumping into another vehicle (10%).

In 2018, the Department for Transport (DfT) announced their intention to introduce a pavement parking ban across the rest of the UK, as this offence has been illegal in London since 1974.

“It’s reassuring to see that parking in a Blue Badge bay without a disability is the parking habit that makes most people angry as it is totally unacceptable,” said Harrison Woods, managing director of

The way in which people park can and does cause anger amongst road users, often leading to acts of road rage. Looking at the situation when you park up and giving careful consideration to how you should park or whether you should park there at all could help reduce anger on our roads.


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