Most targeted items are said to be sat navs, smartphones and car radios


A new survey has revealed that theft from cars is on the increase up and down the country.

According to the RAC who carried out the study, 239,920 vehicles were broken into in 2016 – around 8,700 more than the previous year.

Over half of the police forces across the UK have reported a rise in the number of cases related to smash and grab incidents.

In a recent report, theft from cars had risen in 26 different regions but the main problem areas were found to be in England and Wales – this equates to an overall increase of 4%.

Most targeted items are said to be sat navs, smartphones and car radios

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Some of our major cities did however report a rise in crime rates, with the City of London Police reporting a 76% spike within a 12 month period concerning cases related to theft from cars.

The second largest rise was found in Northamptonshire at 41%, whilst Wiltshire and regions falling under the Welsh Dyfed-Powys police area reporting an increase of more than 20%.

The RAC believes these kind of cases tend to be down to opportunist thieves as opposed to more organised criminals.

Some of the items which are targeted by thieves tend to be the same ones year on year and include sat navs, smartphones and car radios.

The best advice is to never leave items of value in your vehicle that could be seen by criminals and if you park in a public place, always try and park in a well-lit spot, so that if a criminal tries to break in they will more than likely be noticed.

If you do happen to suffer a break-in of your vehicle then you should report it immediately to the police who will provide you with a crime reference number.


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