New survey reveals 60% of motorists would like tougher rules for cyclists


According to a new survey, cyclists who break the laws of the road should be hit with tougher penalties but should also receive better protection from angry drivers.

The study, which was part of Halfords’ Sharing the Road Report and powered by a YouGov survey questioned 2,042 people living in the UK and found that 86% supported tougher punishments for cyclists who disobey the rules written in the Highway Code.

However, 80% of those taking part also believed that penalties should be increased for motorists who behaved angrily towards a cyclist, whilst 68% would like to see more done regarding passing cyclists too closely on the roads.

New survey reveals 60% of motorists would like tougher rules for cyclists

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New measures were also proposed by the survey to help control the safety of cyclists and other road users, such as number plates for all bicycles which was backed by 59%, whilst a compulsory MoT test for bicycles was backed by around a third.

Out of those taking part, 81% said they would like to see something done against cyclists who ride aggressively and penalties handed out to bike riders who fail to stick to the same laws that motorists have to abide by.

More than half of those questioned supported the idea that all cyclists had to pass a cycling proficiency test before being allowed onto the public roads, whilst one quarter said they would like to see on-the-spot tests based on the Highway Code given to cyclists found flouting the law.

Nearly three out of five (59%) would also like to see number plates brought in for all bicycles so that the police can keep track of bike riding offenders who continue to break the law.

Over one third (35%) of those questioned said all bicycles should have to be serviced regularly, a bit like a vehicle MoT but for bikes.

Around 65% said bike riders should be made to wear reflective clothing whenever they cycle on the roads, whilst 45% would like to see cycle lanes introduced on all UK roads to ensure safety.

The study did suggest that motorists should also look to improve their behaviour on the road. Four out of five said penalties should be made tougher for those caught driving aggressively towards cyclists, while 68% would like to see greater punishment for motorists who pass by cyclists too closely.

A further 18% of those polled also thought the driving test should include a bicycle riding category.

“Our state-of-the-nation report on sharing the road suggests that there are tensions on both sides, amidst rising levels of traffic, and as driver and cyclist numbers rise,” said chief customer officer at Halfords, Karen Bellairs.


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