Here’s just a few crazy motoring laws from around the world – absolute madness!


Here in the UK last year we saw a number of changes and new driving laws being introduced, including the fine and penalty for being caught using a mobile phone behind the wheel both doubling in size – you can now be issued with a £200 fine and six points on your licence if found guilty.

And whilst this law is necessary and so far seems to be having the desired effect amongst UK motorists, some of our other lesser known road rules could be classed as rather more obscure.

For example, did you know that splashing a pedestrian with puddles could land you a fine of up to £100 and three points on your licence because it’s classed as ‘driving without due care or attention’, and if you swear or give a rude gesture to another road user you could be hit with a fine totalling 75% of your weekly income, as this offence falls under the ‘disorderly behaviour’ category – ouch!

If you think some of our motoring laws in the UK are a bit strange take a look at these...

Splashing a pedestrian in the UK with your vehicle could land you a £100 fine and three penalty points! – It’s still not as crazy as some driving laws from around the world though!


However, whilst these do strike you as slightly obscure, they’re nothing compared to some motoring laws from around the globe, many of which are just plain crazy!

Here’s just a few of the wackiest and somewhat mad driving laws that are enforced in other countries around the world:

1. In Sweden you must drive with your headlights on at all times, day or night – failing to do so could mean an on the spot fine.

2. Never go to Thailand and drive with no top on! It is against the law and if ignored could land you a ticket or a small fine.

3. If you live in Spain and wear glasses for driving, you must carry a spare pair in your vehicle at all times or risk a small fine.

4. In Germany, it’s illegal to stop for any reason on the autobahn, so make sure you don’t break down or run out of fuel – fill up your tank before you reach Germany!

5. In Denmark, drivers by law have to check under their vehicle before setting off to make sure no children are hiding underneath!

..And we think some of our driving laws are strange!


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