Here’s our quick guide on what car leasing is and how it all works

Leasing A Car

Leasing a car for either business or personal use allows you to drive a brand new car of your choice every couple of years – the monthly payments are comparatively low and you don’t have to worry about depreciation and/or selling the vehicle once your agreement comes to an end.

Basically, leasing a car is simply a long-term rental, where you pay a fixed monthly amount to drive a brand new car for an agreed length of time, with a mileage limitation laid out in the agreement.

You never actually own the car you choose to lease and it must be returned when the lease agreement comes to an end. Once finished, you can start again with a brand new car and totally new lease agreement – it’s that easy!

Are there any restrictions to consider when leasing a car?

There are a number of restrictions to be mindful of when it comes to car leasing:

If you go over the agreed mileage, you might have to pay a penalty charge to cover the extra miles incurred once your lease agreement comes to an end.

If for any reason you wish to cancel your lease contract and return the car back to us, you might have to pay a cancellation fee, or you might even have to pay all of the outstanding monthly rental payments.

No modifications can be made to the lease car without first seeking permission, so if you’re wanting to have a tow-bar fitted to your lease car, make sure you ask first.

You might even have to get permission if you’re thinking of taking a holiday abroad and using the lease car as your mode of transport, plus a charge may also be included.

The car must be returned in clean and satisfactory condition both inside and out to ensure you don’t incur any extra charges, (please refer to our article in the ‘News’ section regarding Fair Wear & Tear), with both sets of keys and any paperwork included.


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