New survey reveals 30% of motorists have seen other drivers using physical violence against each other


According to the RAC Report on Motoring, three in 10 drivers in the UK have witnessed an episode of physical assault related to road rage over the past year.

The new survey claims that 30% of motorists have seen other drivers using physical violence against each other in the past 12 months, whereas almost a quarter confessed to using a mobile phone whilst driving now and again despite tougher punishments being introduced.

The RAC’s annual Report on Motoring surveyed 1,753 motorists, finding that 30% of drivers in the UK had witnessed other drivers physically assaulting each other during the past 12 months, whilst almost half have seen verbal abuse being used by other motorists.

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Three in 10 drivers say they’ve witnessed physical assault related to road rage over the past year. © Copyright Stuart Logan and licensed for reuse under this Creative Commons Licence.

In addition, 60% of those taking part in the survey said they witness a much higher number of road rage incidents today than they did 10 years ago.

The problem is so bad that 36% of participants said their biggest motoring related issue was illegal, anti-social or dangerous behaviour from other drivers.

Some of the actions included ignoring road signs which was the top concern for 5% of those taking part, whilst tailgating, middle-lane hogging, running a red light, texting whilst driving, drink-driving and road rage were other gripes.

When it comes to mobile phone use behind the wheel, which was the top concern for 12% of drivers, 23% of participants confessed to using their mobile phone on the go to make or receive a call, increasing to 51% in the 17 to 24 year old age group.

Furthermore, 17% said they read texts, emails or social media whilst driving and alarmingly, this figure increases to 35% amongst drivers under the age of 25.

Just 15% of motorists taking part actually left their mobile phone in the glove compartment whilst on a journey. Around 45% said they kept their mobile in a pocket or in their bag whilst driving, whereas 25% said they leave it in the centre console or on the empty passenger seat.

In addition, 24% of drivers leave their phone switched on with all the sounds instead of putting it on silent or into a safe driving mode.

“All the fears associated with the behaviour of other drivers on the road have never featured as highly in our research as top motoring concerns as they have this year. This is primarily due to double the proportion of people ranking the aggressive behaviour of other drivers as their top concern this year,” said RAC road safety spokesperson Simon Williams.



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