The Zele 1000 & ACOMA Mini Comtesse both up for grabs at Sotheby’s on September 5


Two of the world’s smallest production cars are going to auction in September at Sotheby’s in the UK.

Both tiny cars are up on their website with an estimate price of £5,000 – £10,000 and offered without reserve.

One of the pint-sized cars up for grabs is the Zagato Zele 1000 electric city car which believe it or not was built by the same firm who designed some of the most exclusive Aston Martins and Maseratis – really?

The Zagato Zele 1000 and ACOMA Mini Comtesse are both up for grabs at Sotheby's on September 5

Two of the world’s smallest production cars going to auction at Sotheby’s – interested?

It was built in 1974, yet could have a place on today’s roads as it’s powered by four 12-volt carriers that are rechargeable via a transformer which simply plugs into a mains socket – an EV for the 70s!

The tiny car can achieve a range of about 50 miles off these batteries and can reach a top speed of, wait for it.. 25mph!

The car measures in at less than two-metres in length and is more than likely not very safe or comfortable either – to compare, a Ford Fiesta is about four metres in length.

The current owner of the Zele 1000 claims the car has been used regularly for the past 11 years whilst it’s been in his possession and has gone through a full restoration.

Only 500 of them were built and this example will be sold by RM Sotheby’s on September 5 at their high-profile auction house in London.

The second miniature car up for auction is a French built three-wheeler, the 1975 ACOMA Mini Comtesse which is a mere 1.7 metres in length.

The Mini Comtesse is powered by a 49cc engine developing just 3bhp and provides the teeny-weeny car with a top speed of 20mph – even slower than the Zele 1000!

It might be just a single-seater but it does come with two doors, featuring a gullwing one on the left as well as a conventional one on the driver’s side.


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