To bring the test in line with today’s motoring a number of changes have been made


The UK driving test is about to change, as new reforms will come into effect on 4 December.

The changes have been made in an effort to bring the test in line with today’s motoring, so a number of reforms have been added whilst others have simply been tweaked.

Candidates from December 4 will be made to carry out more manoeuvres and follow directions from a sat nav.

To bring the test in line with today's motoring a number of changes have been made

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According to research carried out by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA), half of drivers on the road today use a sat-nav whilst travelling, however almost a quarter of accidents involve new drivers being distracted by modern technology.

It will be the first time ever that a sat nav has been used as part of a driving test.

The examiner will provide the candidate with a sat nav and choose a destination for the candidate to follow.

Candidates will now have to do 20 minutes rather than 10 on the independent driving section of the test and will not be allowed to ask for any help from the examiner or use a sat nav.

A number of reversing manoeuvres have also been replaced with new ones, such as candidates having to pull-up on the right hand side of the road, reverse two car lengths and then rejoin the flow of traffic.

New ‘show me, tell me’ questions will also begin on 4 December, which will involve the candidate being asked one question before driving begins and another question asked whilst they are driving.

Changes to the UK driving test have been welcomed by the president of the AA Edmund King, who said: “These changes will test drivers in a more realistic manner which is essential to improving their safety once their L-plates are removed. The changes, particularly the extended independent driving and use of a sat-nav, should help to produce better, safer motorists.”


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