DVSA claim changes will prepare new drivers for ‘real life driving’


The UK driving test is going to include new ‘Show me, tell me’ questions from this December and according to the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) these changes will prepare drivers for ‘real life driving’.

As of December 4, the driving test will include new ‘show me, tell me’ questions and learner drivers will have to answer the ‘show me’ question whilst they are behind the wheel.

The test sitter will be asked one question from a list of choices, such as how to wash and clean the front windscreen or how to set the rear demister and be expected to show the instructor when asked.

The ‘tell me’ question will however be asked before any driving can take place and candidates will be asked questions such as how to check the engine has sufficient oil or how to check the indicators are working.

DVSA claim changes will prepare new drivers for 'real life driving'

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You might be of the opinion that simply being asked one question before driving commences and one during the test is a doddle but if a learner loses control of the car whilst answering the ‘show me’ question, or incorrectly answers the ‘tell me’ one, they could be looking at a test fail.

The UK driving test is currently going through a number of new updates, including changes to the reversing manoeuvre, increasing the length of independent driving to 20 minutes, following directions from a sat-nav and now the ‘show me, tell me’ part of the exam will come into effect from December this year.

Chief driving examiner, Lesley Young said: “DVSA’s priority is to help you through a lifetime of safe driving. It’s important that learner drivers work with their driving instructor to make sure they can operate the in-car controls safely whilst they’re driving.”

All the new changes can be looked at in more detail on the government website but to satisfy your curiosity as to what other questions might appear in the ‘show me, tell me’ section of the exam, here’s a couple of examples from each:

‘Show me’

  • When it’s safe, show me how you’d demist the front windscreen.
  • When it’s safe, show me how you’d switch on your dipped headlights.

‘Tell me’

  • Tell me how you’d check the tyres have sufficient tread depth and are in a safe condition.
  • Tell me how you’d switch on the rear fog lights and explain when you’d use them.


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