Survey reveals just one in four people would trust a self-driving car enough to take their hands off the wheel!


According to a new survey conducted by the AA, drivers in the UK are not yet ready to trust driverless cars and still enjoy the actual driving experience too much to let go.

The survey revealed that just one in four people would trust a self-driving car enough to take their hands off the wheel and allow the car to drive itself.

Totally self-driving cars up to now are not used on public roads but companies such as Tesla are working on the technology and this could mean that driverless cars are not too far away.

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UK motorists not yet ready for driverless cars – we still love the whole driving experience!

However, the survey found that motorists still enjoy the whole driving experience and for this reason, the president of the AA believes drivers should be made to feel part of advances in the technology.

According to the British Motoring Association, whilst many people understand the benefits of self-driving cars such as improved mobility for the disabled and elderly, there’s a real issue with trust in the technology and the fact that motorists love to drive themselves.

From a poll of 21,039 people, less than a quarter (23%) said they would trust a vehicle to drive itself whilst being in it.

President of the AA, Edmund King, said: “We shouldn’t underestimate the cultural importance of the car,” adding: “We shouldn’t take a Luddite approach to new driverless car technology but must bring the consumers with us.”

Past surveys suggest that around two thirds (63%) of drivers would be lost without their car, with more women (70%) than men (59%) saying they’d be lost without their motor and still love the whole driving experience.

Nearly nine out of 10 (87%) people said they were worried that some situations may arise in which the technology would not be prepared for.

The survey did find however, that some drivers are accepting different technological advances, as 59% said they would be happy to have adaptive cruise control, whilst 58% said they’d use automatic emergency braking.

“The car has been pretty much the same for 100 years, but the next decade will see more change than in the previous 50 years,” said Mr King, adding: “The jury is still out on when, or if, the consumer will embrace the driverless car in the way they have grown to love driving their cars.”



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