New survey suggests busy motorists are becoming more and more rude


A new survey has revealed how Britain’s motorists are becoming more and more rude behind the wheel, with our busy lives being blamed for the change in manners amongst drivers.

Incidents of road rage are increasing across the country, with three out of four drivers claiming that motoring manners in the UK have worsened over the past 10 years.

A total of 2,000 motorists took part in the Ford survey and said their biggest motoring gripes included those who think it’s okay to throw rubbish out of car windows, tailgating, angry cyclists, drivers who make loud hands-free calls, selfish parkers, loud music and those who groom themselves in the rear-view mirror.

New survey suggests busy motorists are becoming more and more rude

Why in the UK are we seeing more incidents of road rage?


Ford have released their findings alongside the launch of their new Fiesta Vignale and discovered that being in a rush made a quarter of motorists forget how to use their manners on the road.

Around half of those taking part said that watching other drivers flaunting bad behaviour was enough to send them into a bad mood for the rest of the day, with six out of 10 saying they get angry at drivers who take up two car parking spaces.

Ford have joined forces with Debrett’s, who are etiquette experts, to supply motorists with a guide on how to behave better on the roads.

Debrett’s believe that drivers need to learn how to say thank you more often to other road users, stop using rear-view mirrors to groom themselves, lower their voices whilst on a call and keep music to a suitable level whilst travelling through residential areas.

‚ÄúThis research shows many people have noticed a decline in driving etiquette over the last decade. Frustration with other motorists can make the most mild-mannered of us forget our basic Ps and Qs and can even lead to incidents of road rage,” said managing director at Debrett’s, Renee Kuo.

It’s hoping that the guide will encourage drivers to revert back to the days when good manners and self-restraint meant something and being polite with our fellow road users was important.

Mobile phones were blamed for the decline in manners by many motorists. Even pedestrians tend to walk around these days looking at their phones rather than watching where they are going.


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