According to a recent survey, almost half of drivers in the UK haven’t got a clue!


According to a new survey conducted by GoCompare, almost half of drivers in the UK haven’t got a clue what their car’s warning lights actually mean.

The price comparison website discovered that 46% of drivers confessed to having no understanding of what the warning lights on their car’s dashboard were trying to tell them.

Motorists from the East Midlands fared the worst, as they turned out to be the least confident when it came to dashboard warning lights, with just 43% claiming to know and understand what the various symbols and colour codes meant.

In London however, it was a different story and a much more positive finding, as seven out of 10 drivers (71%) claimed to understand exactly what the lights on their vehicle’s dashboard actually meant.

Do you understand what your car's warning lights mean?

Familiarising yourself with the dashboard in your car is advisable – it could save you time and money


The warning lights on a car dashboard light up for numerous reasons, sometimes they illuminate at specific times such as when a car is first started or when the handbrake is applied but they can also light up to warn drivers of an issue with their car and these can range from minor problems such as broken exhaust gas sensors to more serious faults such as anti-lock braking failures.

It’s in a drivers best interest to get to know and understand what the lights on their car dashboard mean, especially with the bad weather the UK has been dealing with recently, as cars tend to develop faults and are more likely to break down during the winter months.

If you don’t know what your car is trying to tell you, you might end up paying more at a garage for something that could have simply required a quick fix.

“Understanding your car’s warning lights may seem like a pain now, but it could save you time and money in the long term,” said Matt Oliver, spokesperson for GoCompare Car Insurance.


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