If so, it could be that you haven’t got the cover you thought you had!


Comparison websites are used by thousands of motorists every day to help them find the best deal possible for their car insurance, in a way that’s supposed to make the job easier and give customers the best prices.

However, according to a new survey, it seems as though the information you’re given by these comparison websites when buying an insurance policy might be inaccurate.

Which? suggest that more than half of online car insurance quotes gathered from comparison websites include errors and could lead to motorists driving around with cover they think they’ve bought but actually haven’t.

The UK Consumers’ Association body discovered discrepancies in around 60% of policies that were looked at. In total, 21 brands from four comparison websites were looked at to see if there were any inconsistencies between the information. These four price comparison sites were Compare The Market, Confused, GoCompare and MoneySuperMarket.

If so, it could be that you haven't got the cover you thought you had!

Do you use comparison websites to look for the right car insurance quote?


According to the research, six out of ten policies included a detail that was different on the policy documents compared to what the comparison website quoted.

A few examples of these differences include a courtesy car being offered when a customer’s vehicle is off the road, yet it didn’t show on the policy documents, despite its presence in 10 cases on the comparison website, whilst other issues included the amount of cover for a personal accident being wrong and worst of all, a discrepancy showing a cover amount doubled to what would really be provided.

“We were staggered to see such a high amount of errors across the policies listed on price comparison sites,” said Which? money editor Harry Rose, adding: “These sites should up their game to ensure customers know exactly what they’re purchasing and from whom, otherwise they might well end up with policies and contracts that simply don’t meet their needs.”


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