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24 Month Lease

24 Month Lease

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If you’re looking to lease the perfect car within your budget for two years then we can offer you that service. We’ve found all of the best 24 month lease offers and put it all on one handy page. Making your next lease journey short, simple and clear.

24-month car leasing is a great option for your next car. Simply choose your preferred make or model (it can be ANY new car) and your mileage. Then at the end of the two year contract, hand back the keys and swap for another lease. It couldn’t be any simpler.

All of the offers displayed include full Road Tax/Road Fund License, Breakdown Cover (if applicable), Manufacturer Warranty and Free Delivery and Collection. Speak to a member of our team to find out more by calling 01904 557 544 or emailing today!

Current offers

Mercedes-Benz A Class A180 SE 5 Door Hatchback Manual

Lease Figures

Initial Payment  £1,319.94 ex. VAT / £1,583.93 inc. VAT
Monthly Payment  £219.99 ex. VAT / £263.99 inc. VAT
Mileage  8,000
Maintenance  Non-maintained
Lease Length  24 Months

Audi Q5 Lease Offer

Audi Q5 S-Line Automatic

Lease Figures

Initial Payment  £3,237.93 ex. VAT / £3,885.52 inc. VAT
Monthly Payment  £359.77 ex. VAT / £431.72 inc. VAT
Mileage  8,000
Maintenance  Non-maintained
Lease Length  24 Months

Volkswagen Polo GTI Manual

Lease Figures

Initial Payment  £1,611.90 ex. VAT / £1,934.28 inc. VAT
Monthly Payment  £179.10 ex. VAT / £214.92 inc. VAT
Mileage  8,000
Maintenance  Non-maintained
Lease Length  24 Months

What’s included in my 24-month lease quote?

Included in your two-year lease quotation you’ll get:

  • A brand new vehicle of your choice. Sourced from main UK dealerships.
  • Your chosen mileage bracket. Ranging from 5,000 miles to 35,000 miles a year
  • Maintenance (optional). Includes servicing, tyres and general fair wear and tear items.
  • Road tax / Road fund license. Inclusive throughout the full duration of the lease, never worry about having to tax your car!
  • Manufacturer warranty. If anything breaks on your car that isn’t down to the driver, you’ll have full confidence to pop into your local dealership to get issues rectified
  • Free delivery and collection. Your new car will be collected and delivered to an address of your choice anywhere throughout the UK. Saving a trip to collect it from the dealership.

About Contract Hire and Leasing

Car leasing or contract hire (as it can sometimes be known) is a great alternative to vehicle ownership. It’s one of the most affordable ways to obtain your dream car minus the risk of depreciation values. You can even swap for a new car every two years!

This type of lease is available on any new car and can be ordered with any optional extras. Giving you the freedom to choose from such a wide range of options. Leasing isn’t as confined as you may first think!

All contracts include breakdown cover (if applicable with your warranty), manufacturer warranty, road tax and free delivery and collection. Prices are based on a fixed term contract, subject to chosen mileage brackets. No admin or additional fees are required.

Don’t forget to visit our frequently asked questions (FAQ) page here to find out more about leasing.

Can I qualify for a 24 Month Lease?

To get started on your new lease, you will have to complete a credit application. As a broker, we have access to numerous different funders and will choose the right company best suited to your application. If you feel like your credit may be sub-optimal, speak to a member of our team on 01904 557 544 and we can offer you a range of different options to choose from.

Personal Applications

Like applying for a loan, vehicle funders will require you to fill in a form containing details about you. This can include, registered addresses, current employment details, banking and expenditure as well as driving license information.

If you’re registered on the electoral roll and have lived at your address for more than 2+ years, with no outstanding credit you will have a high chance of approval. However, this isn’t always the case as some funders require different criteria for approval.

Once we’ve found your funder and the application has been approved, we simply choose the car and arrange delivery. No payments are required until the car has been arranged for delivery.

Business Applications

If you’re looking to apply underneath a business lease there are a couple of things required during the application process. For example, the vehicle funder will require you to provide evidence of bank statements, filed accounts and at least one-year trading history.

Some funders will also require you to provide full company director details to verify the company application. Once all the details have been sent back, the business will be subjected to a credit check before a decision can be made.

Once approved, our team will contact you and arrange your vehicle. No payments are required until the delivery date has been booked for your car.

24 Month Car Lease

So how can you get started with a 24 month lease? Firstly, check out our website offers regularly for the latest deals. Can’t find the car you want? No problem! Email or call 01904 557 544 to get your quote.

Our expert team will always give you transparent information and will promise no hassle from start to finish on your lease. We’ll make sure that your next two year lease is tailored exactly to your needs.


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