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Since being established over 100 years ago, BMW leads a very long and successful past. They have built a reputation for producing high quality, reliable cars. Resulting in being a favourite brand for many drivers across Europe and the United Kingdom

It also helps that there is a BMW for everybody. Currently, there are over 15 models of BMWs to choose from. All with a different engine and body types. You can choose a sensible large family hatchback, to a fire-breathing sports car across to a zero-emission electric car.

Presently, the cars are split into categories. You’ll have the standard ‘series’ of vehicles which range from the 1 Series all the way up to the 7 series. Increasing in size and shape the further up you go.

Then you have the ‘X’ range of vehicles, which is designed to be more “adventurous”. All of the ‘X’ range vehicles have been gifted with higher ground clearance, allowing it to perform as well as it does on the road as it does off it.

Next, you have the ‘M’ Sports cars. These cars are taken from the standard line up and have been given a whole new sporty attitude. BMW fit all of these cars with a finely tuned performance engine, with accompanying performance parts, resulting in very powerful cars.

BMW M140i Shadow Edition

BMW M140i 1 Series Lease Offer

The BMW M140i is a performance-driven hatchback that packs a brilliant engine as well as plenty of kit as standard.  It’s the most powerful version of the BMW 1 Series and the rear-wheel drive system makes it exciting to drive.

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BMW M140i Shadow Edition Auto Lease Offer

BMW M240i Convertible

BMW M240i Convertible lease offer

Part of BMW’s ‘M’ performance lineup, the M240i convertible is a fast four-seater car that packs plenty under the bonnet and is well equipped throughout.

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BMW M240i Convertible Lease Offer

In contrast, their ‘i’ Series cars offer something different. These cars are designed to be as efficient and as economical as possible. Offering a choice between petrol/diesel hybrid engines to a full-blown electric vehicle.

One of their most notable vehicles would be the i3. This fully electric hatchback is designed for the city. By eliminating the use of petrol stations which are few and far between in larger cities as well as being exempt from congestion charges, making commutes much cheaper.

There are so many choices to choose from, so it may be hard to find the right BMW for you. Why not give us a call on 01904 55 75 44 and talk to one of our helpful team members and they’ll be able to quote on the best BMW for you. Alternatively,  email us.

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