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Sports and Performance Leasing Deals

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If you’re an avid driving enthusiast that’s looking to get the most out of their new car, then our sports and performance leasing deals are ideal for you. We’re able to quote on best-selling models such as the Audi RS & S, Mercedes AMG, BMW M and the Volkswagen ‘R’ line up.

To make your new lease journey that much easier, we’ve displayed the hottest sports car offers around and displayed these vehicles onto one page below. Simply click the car you’re interested in and a request a quote!

If you can’t spot that car you’re interested in, contact us directly at or call us free on 01904 557 544 and we’ll be able to quote on any make or model

Latest Sports and Performance Leasing Deals 

Below are our latest contract hire and leasing offers. All prices include road tax, manufacturer warranty, breakdown cover (if applicable) and free UK delivery and collection.

About Sports and Performance Leasing

Contract hire and leasing can actually give you more freedom and flexibility than you think. You have the choice of any brand new make or model and then you get to choose what colour or optional equipment you’d like to have on the car!

You then also have a wide range of lease contract options available best suited to you. All cars advertised can be quoted on 24, 36 or 48 month leases with a mileage range anywhere between 5,000 mpa (miles per annum) up to 40,000+ mpa.

Optional maintenance packages to include servicing, tyres, general fair wear and tear as well as funder breakdown cover is available. Don’t hesitate to speak to a member of our team to find out more.

All of our advertised contracts include a brand new vehicle from the main UK dealer, free delivery and collection, road fund license/vehicle road tax, manufacturer’s warranty and breakdown cover (if applicable with warranty standards).

What makes a performance car?

Travelling from A to B can seem like a pretty menial task and if a ‘performance’ classed car does the same as your standard run-of-the-mill hatchback, then what’s the point?

Studies have shown that the average British driver spends roughly 520 hours (or 21 days) behind the wheel each year. So if you’re spending that much time travelling, shouldn’t every journey feel and be a little exciting? This is exactly where performance vehicles come into their element.

Performance cars are built primarily for driver pleasure. These vehicles are often tuned and tweaked more than their base-model counterparts to provide extra grip, comfort and performance. Transforming your family-car into a part-time racer.

The Volkswagen Golf ‘R’ is a great example of this. It’s still a practical 5 seater car with a large boot suited to all kinds of luggage. But under the bonnet, lies a 300bhp turbocharged petrol engine that’s ready to snap back into a race within a moment’s notice.

Sure, there will be some occasions that you’ll be stuck in endless stop-start traffic wishing you got a diesel golf instead. However, when those ‘special’ weekends roll-around, you’ll be geared up and ready to tackle your favourite B-roads.

If you’re stuck deciding as to what type of car suits you, give us a call. Our expertly trained colleagues will be able to discuss and recommend which sports and performance leasing deals are suited to you.

Begin your lease journey with us by calling 01904 55 75 44 or drop us an email at

Important Information

All vehicles images and descriptions are for illustration and reference purposes only. Information and prices are correct at the time of publishing and is subject to change.

All offers are subject to availability/change and may be withdrawn at any time without prior notice. Terms and conditions apply.

To be eligible for one of our offers you will need to be approved by credit with one of our verified lenders following a credit search. Please note not every applicant may be eligible. Failure to maintain payments may result in the termination of your contract agreement and the vehicle being returned. Please be aware that you do not own the vehicle at the end of the contract.

All data listed comes from CAP database and subject to change. We will not be held responsible for any discrepancies in data. Please visit the manufacturer's website for more accurate specification.