They could cause serious damage to your car if you park under trees


Drivers in the UK are being warned about a greenfly infestation which could lead to damaged cars and huge repair bills during the month of July.

As the temperature rises, more and more of these sap-eating insects are expected to appear in the UK, causing a nuisance for car driver’s up and down the country.

As a result, motorists are being urged not to park their cars under trees during the summer months to avoid excrement from the greenfly from falling onto their vehicles and rotting the paintwork.

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Warning to Car Drivers: Summer infestation of greenfly predicted, so avoid parking under trees to avoid damage to your vehicle

The pesky bugs might be small but no driver in the UK should underestimate just how much havoc they can cause and the damage they can leave behind.

They suck the sap out of trees and plants and then excrete a sticky substance known as ‘honeydew’ from their backsides which lands on your car as a nasty residue that sticks to your bonnet, boot and roof.

It then turns into black mould spores which is acidic and eats its way through your car paintwork. The residue is very hard to remove and needs plenty of elbow grease and top cleaning products to get it off.

Having a car roof or bonnet resprayed can cost around £500, so it’s worth remembering what these little insects can do to your car and avoid parking under trees.

According to experts, around 2.5 million aphids can live in a fully grown tree and reproduce very quickly, so this number can increase massively, with them all secreting residue down onto whatever sits underneath.

The best product to use for the removal of greenfly residue on your car is a wax and grease remover, or if it’s really bad, you might have to try a watered down mix of bleach and detergent.

Also, keep a pack of cleaning wipes inside your car, so that any greenfly residue you notice can be removed before it has time to turn mouldy.

Apparently, Preston in Lancashire is currently an aphid-hot spot and it seems the pesky little bugs have taken a liking to sycamore trees.



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