New crackdown on anti-social driving could see offenders being hit with a £100 fine!


Motorists who play music so loud in their vehicle that it can be heard by everyone else around them could soon be issued with a £100 fine.

A new crackdown on anti-social driving in the UK means that drivers could soon be punished for playing music too loudly from their vehicle.

In Bradford, a crackdown on anti-social behaviour is underway and offenders could be issued with a Public Space Protection Order (PSPO) for playing music too loudly whilst driving, revving their engine too loudly, shouting obscenities or harassing people in moving vehicles.

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Warning to Drivers: Playing music too loudly from your car may soon lead to a fine

It’s hoped by council officials that introducing these new fines will help reduce anti-social behaviour and curtail the issues being labelled as “problem driving.”

In 2018, a public consultation was carried out in Bradford of 1,260 residents and discovered that seven in 10 (70%) felt in danger on roads in the city, with one reason given being car-driver behaviour and noises radiating from the vehicles.

The crackdown in Bradford has been welcomed by Mark Burns-Williamson, West Yorkshire’s Police and Crime Commissioner, saying: “[This is] a move which I believe will help to tackle a number of anti-social behaviour and road safety related issues.”

And whilst the initiative has been backed by more than three quarters (76%) of all residents and approved by Bradford Council’s Regulatory and Appeals Committee, there has been questions asked as to how this kind of law will be enforced.

Police officers cannot pull a motorist over for playing music too loudly but they can penalise a driver if they think it’s causing them to be distracted whilst driving.

If caught for ‘distracted driving’, you could be issued with a hefty fine and penalty points.


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