One motorist received a £100 parking fine days later for staying too long on a ‘FREE’ car park!


A family in Lancashire has been left outraged after being hit with a £100 parking fine for staying too long in a ‘FREE’ car park.

The family had gone to the Peel Centre in Blackburn to enjoy a meal and to watch a film but their happy evening out very quickly turned sour after the family received a £100 parking fine just a few days later.

Ms Haydock explained how they’d gone as a family to enjoy a nice meal together before deciding to go and watch a film at the Vue cinema.

Warning to drivers: Read the small print on car park signs to avoid being fined

Peel Centre at Whitebirk Retail Park near Blackburn © Copyright David Dixon and licensed for reuse under this Creative Commons Licence.


They did have to wait a while for a table at Nando’s but didn’t mind and sat chatting. They went on to watch Mamma Mia 2 at the cinema before returning to their vehicle in the car park.

Just a few days after enjoying a lovely evening out with her family she received a Fixed Penalty Notice (FPN) through the post.

“I couldn’t believe it when I saw it was for £100. It also said that we have gone over the allowed time of four hours by 19 minutes,” said Ms Haydock, adding: “It amazes me that the people running the car park wouldn’t think that going for a meal and seeing a film would take less than four hours.”

Ms Haydock feels that this could have happened to other motorists and had no idea that such rules applied in this ‘FREE’ car park, claiming that the incident has put her off using it again.

Ms Haydock returned to the car park to see if she could find any warning signs regarding the four hour parking limit and found two small notices, one at either end of the car park with ‘four-hour’ very difficult to see.

After receiving the FPN, Ms Haydock contacted Nando’s and Vue to ask for advice regarding appealing the fine with Premier Parking Ltd.

It’s understood that the new four-hour limit was introduced at the Peel Centre in June and signs were installed informing drivers, however many have complained that four hours is not a long enough time to be able to properly enjoy a day out.


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