Even if you weren’t in your car at the time the incident occurred, you could be punished with a fine and points


Drivers in the UK are being warned that they could be penalised for failing to report driver details to the police after being caught on camera for breaking the law.

Even if you weren’t in the car at the time the incident occurred, drivers could be fined £1,000 and six points on their licence.

A driver who’s charged with an offence but not stopped by the police when the incident occurred could be asked to confirm the identity of the driver when it happened and if they fail to provide accurate details of who was driving when the incident took place, they could be fined even if it wasn’t them who was behind the wheel.

The Road Traffic Act 1988 states: “the person keeping the vehicle shall give such information as to the identity of the driver as he may be required to give by or on behalf of a chief officer of police”.

Even if you weren't in your car at the time the incident occurred, you could be punished with a fine and points

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One such example of how a driver can be punished for a speeding offence even though they weren’t the one driving came out this week.

Premier League footballer Mario Lemina was given a £96,000 fine for not informing the police as to who was driving his car after it was caught speeding by cameras on a number of occasions. The footballer claimed he didn’t know whether his cousin or brother were driving when the car was caught speeding and as a result he was handed one of the largest fines ever issued in the UK.

“This case underlines the importance of giving the police accurate and honest information about who was driving a car caught speeding,” said Neil Greig, IAM RoadSmart Policy & Research Director, adding: “Ultimately not telling the police who was driving can lead to court cases for perverting the course of justice.”

Mr Greig warns drivers to never ignore a police request for driver identity, as in the UK it’s the owner of the vehicle who’s traced and as such it’s their responsibility to help the police.

“If you don’t then you risk a fine and points equal to the offence the police are trying to prosecute,” warns Mr Greig.

If a driver provides the police with the wrong information on purpose, this could lead to a hefty punishment.

It’s an offence to take penalty points for another driver and you could be facing a hefty fine or even a jail term.


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