Not clearing the snow off your vehicle’s roof could land you in hot water!


As parts of the UK wake up to snow covered vehicles, the AA is warning motorists that by not clearing the snow off your vehicle properly before you set off could land you in hot water with the police.

A £100 fine and/or points on your driving licence is what you could face if you drive off without clearing the snow fully off your vehicle.

Even if there’s snow left on the roof which you think is okay because it’s not blocking visibility could get you into trouble – it could blow off and end up in the path of other road users!

Warning to motorists from the AA following snow fall in parts of the country

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According to Rule 229 of the Highway Code, all windows, lights and number plates must be clear of snow, so if you’re caught driving without having cleared the snow sufficiently from your vehicle, you could be hit with a £60 fine and/or three penalty points on your licence.

The AA is warning motorists to make sure they clear ALL snow from their vehicle before setting off on a journey. Not doing so could mean a £100 on-the-spot fine and up to nine points on their licence, as having snow left on your vehicle is classed as careless and could result in an accident.

“When you are driving around with 12 inches of snow on your roof, there is the possibility it will fly off at some stage,” said a spokesman for the AA, Luke Bodset.

Snow blowing off the roof of a car is just like someone throwing a snowball at a vehicle and could be dangerous, so the best thing to do before setting off on a journey, whether it’s long or short, is to use a scraper to clear all the snow off your vehicle – including the roof!


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