New parking system introduced which could catch motorists out if not using the store


A new parking system has been introduced at a number of LIDL stores which could catch motorists out and see them being issued with a £90 fine.

To try and stop the car park from being used by anyone other than customers using the store, a new ‘check-in’ system will operate from inside that customers must remember to use when entering.

If you use the car park but fail to register you could be issued with a fine, so anyone misusing the car park will be punished.

New parking system introduced which could catch motorists out if they aren't using the store

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CCTV footage will be looked at to catch out any motorists who choose to ignore the rules.

An Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) scanner will also photograph each vehicle as it enters and leaves the car park, logging the details.

In order to avoid being punished, the driver must register their vehicle details at a terminal inside the store and scan their till receipt at a computer.

Anyone who fails to fill in their details and scan their receipt could face being fined, so your weekly shop could end up costing a lot more than you bargained for!

As well as introducing a fine for motorists who don’t register in store, drivers who park in the car park for more than 90 minutes will also be issued with a £90 fine.

“Lidl has car park management systems in place at stores where car parks are subject to misuse,” said a LIDL spokesperson, adding: “These are in place to manage the availability of parking spaces, to ensure that customers take priority.”


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