This could lead to expensive repair bills if you damage the wiper motor


Many parts of the UK have been hit with freezing temperatures and snow this week, making the roads treacherous for motorists.

Drivers are being urged to take extra care on the roads during the cold spell in order to stay safe and are also being warned about important it is to prepare your vehicle properly for safe driving and what to do and not do when it comes to looking after your vehicle.

When it snows, the obvious thing to do to clear the snow from the car windscreen is to switch on the wipers but doing so could break them and leave you with an expensive repair bill of up to £400 or more.

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Warning: Always use a scraper to remove heavy snow or ice from your windscreen – never use the wiper blades to do the job. © Copyright Derek Harper and licensed for reuse under this Creative Commons Licence.

According to Trico, a company who’ve been making window wipers for vehicles for more than 100 years, drivers who use their wiper blades to remove huge layers of snow from their windscreen run the risk of breaking them and being left with a hefty repair bill.

When it’s cold outside and your vehicle’s sat covered in snow, the most tempting thing to do is let the wipers clear the heavy snow, however a much better and cheaper option is to put on some warm clothes, grab a scraper and do the job by hand.

Snow and slush that collects on top of the wiper blades could be very heavy and really difficult for them to remove the weight without causing damage.

Many cars now come fitted with automatic wipers that activate when the sensors identify snow or rain on the windscreen and drivers are being urged to keep the wipers on a manual setting during the cold spell.

Whilst replacing wiper blades only costs between £3 and £39, it could be more costly if the wiper motor is damaged and could cost around £414 on average to fix.

Windscreen wipers have a tough life and are one of the most fragile parts on a car and subject to wear and tear. They are designed to work smoothly on the windscreen without causing any damage to the glass and therefore not designed to deal with the removal of heavy layers of snow or ice.

Motorists are advised to always use a scraper to clear snow and ice from their vehicle.

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