New data suggests the UK now has over 42,000 speed bumps for motorists to drive over


According to council data, it’s now believed there are now over 42,000 individual speed bumps for motorists to drive over in the UK.

New research suggests there’s been a 5% increase in speed bumps over the past three years despite concerns raised by motoring groups and emergency services.

One recent study claims that whilst these bumps might help to reduce driver speed and calms the traffic down in residential areas, they can be a nuisance if they cause damage to a vehicle and lead to a huge repair bill as a result.

It’s estimated that the UK now has more than 42,000 individual speed bumps located on over 14,000 roads, apparently stretching across an estimated 2,000 miles of streets and it’s no surprise to learn that the highest percentage of speed bumps per mile of road can be found in London Borough councils.

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New data suggests the UK now has over 42,000 speed bumps for motorists to drive over. © Copyright Christopher Hilton and licensed for reuse under this Creative Commons Licence.

Newham Council topped the list of London Boroughs with the most roads fitted with speed bumps, being responsible for 125.28 miles of road with every road having speed bumps installed on them.

Away from the capital, Norwich City Council was top of the league table for the most roads with speed bumps, as 17% of their roads have them installed. Second on the table was Portsmouth City Council on 13%, followed by Bury Metropolitan Borough Council (12%).

The first speed bump in the UK was installed back in 1983. Councils throughout the country now have the power to decide where they should be installed to help with road safety on roads with speeds of up to 30mph.

According to road safety experts, traffic calming measures such as speed bumps are one of the main reasons why fatalities on UK roads are lower than most other countries.

However, despite this, motorists in the UK still complain about them, especially if they cause damage to their vehicle when driving over them.

In September 2018, carried out an investigation and found that 22% of motorists had dealt with some kind of car damage caused by speed humps in the road, with the average price to fix the damage standing at around £144.

According to the comparison website, the most common type of damage caused by a speed bump is tyre related.

Some motorists have sought compensation from their local council to cover the cost of the repairs after damage was caused by driving over a speed bump. Local councils had to fork out £35,000 in reimbursements between 2015 and 2017, with 45% of the claims occurring in London.

A positive claim only happens in cases where the speed bump was found to exceed legal heights.

According to the rules, all speed bumps must have a minimum length of 900 millimetres, with the tallest point being no higher than 100 millimetres. The face of the hump must not exceed six millimetres – this is where the bump meets the flat tarmac.



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