Wearing the wrong shoes in winter could lead to your insurance policy being invalidated!


Your car insurance policy could be invalidated if you’re found to be wearing the wrong kind of footwear at the time of an incident.

Wearing heavy boots or wellies at this time of year is the correct footwear for the conditions but they aren’t what you should be putting on your feet whilst behind the wheel.

You could even be stopped by the police and issued with a fine for careless or dangerous driving.

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Wearing heavy boots behind the wheel can be dangerous and affect how you drive.

According to the Highway Code, motorists must wear shoes that ensure they drive correctly. If you’re involved in an accident and you’re found to be wearing poor shoes, it might look like you was not in control of your vehicle at the time of the incident.

If details of the footwear you had on at the time of the accident are reported to your insurance provider, they could view it as an at-fault claim and refuse to pay out.

Wearing thick and heavy boots when driving can be dangerous because you could accidentally press down on two pedals at the same time or not be able to accurately feel how hard you’ve pressed down on a pedal which could lead to sudden acceleration or deceleration.

In the winter, your footwear could end up covered in snow and ice which could make it difficult to control your vehicle, as your footwear will be wet and the pedals will become slippy, therefore increasing the risk of having an accident.

Your driving ability could be affected and raise the awareness of police officers, who could make you pull over and issue you with a £100 on-the-spot fine for careless driving caused by poor footwear choice.

If your case ends up in court, the fine could rise to £2,500 or you could even face disqualification and in severe cases you could be handed a dangerous driving charge and see costs increase to £5,000, nine penalty points and a possible driving ban.

Drivers must be able to show that they are in full control of their vehicle if stopped by the police and you might have to prove you’re wearing adequate footwear for driving.

Just 16% of road users in a survey conducted by uSwitch said they keep a pair of driving shoes in their vehicle at all times.

AA experts suggest the best shoes for driving are soft shoes with a thin sole, so you can feel how much pressure you’re applying to each pedal.

You can drive with whatever kind of footwear you want as it’s not a legal requirement but you must be in full control of your vehicle at all times. If you show any signs of dangerous or careless driving, you could face punishment.



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