However, drivers in the UK are unsure whether it’s a good thing or not


It’s only a week to go before learner drivers take to the motorway, however many drivers in the UK are unsure whether it’s a good thing or not.

From 4 June, learner drivers will be allowed on the motorway for lessons, as long as they are fully confident within themselves, are accompanied by an experienced driving instructor and in a car fitted with dual controls.

It may come as no surprise to discover that 42% of drivers feel you should only be allowed to drive on motorways after you have passed your test, whereas 44% of those surveyed think it will enable learner drivers to gain more experience and confidence, making it less of a daunting prospect once passed.

However, drivers in the UK are unsure whether it's a good thing or not

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Out of the 1,000 people surveyed, a further 14% said the new rule was more of a frustration, as motorways were designed to allow drivers to travel at higher speeds and getting stuck behind a learner driver would spoil this.

Despite drivers being unsure as to whether the new rule is a good or bad idea, 70% would have liked the law to have been in place when they were learning to drive.

“It’s quite a surprise to see so many drivers in favour of the change, I would expect a bit of a divide in opinion but it seems the pro-learners are winning the battle,” said Oly Richmond, CEO and founder of Servicing Stop.

Mr Richmond believes learner drivers will benefit from being allowed on the motorway as it should help to reduce the fear factor surrounding motorway use, which could result in less accidents as new drivers will have gained more experience and confidence before passing their test with the help of an approved driving instructor.


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