And Will It Save Me Money When I Lease A Car Or Van?


When you lease a car or van with Clear Car Leasing, you’ll be given the choice as to whether you’d like to add a maintenance package to your contract.

Taking out a maintenance package as part of your lease contract adds just a small amount to your fixed monthly payments and gives you peace of mind, allowing you to enjoy your brand new lease vehicle without having to worry about its upkeep.

So what is a maintenance package?

When you sign up for a car leasing contract, unless you take out a maintenance package, you must ensure the vehicle is maintained by yourself to the standard set out in the manufacturer’s guidelines.

The vehicle must be serviced regularly and items suffering from normal wear & tear need to be replaced to ensure the lease vehicle is kept in good all-round condition and depending on the length of your contract, an MoT may also be required.

You can pay the for maintenance yourself and these costs will be separate from your monthly leasing payments. An approved garage should be used to ensure any replacement parts are manufacturer approved to retain the warranty.

However, by opting for a maintenance package as part of your leasing contract, the overall costs are spread across the length of your lease term and added to your fixed monthly payments.

We’ve found that many drivers prefer this option, as it takes the hassle away from themselves and the cost of maintaining their lease vehicle is budgeted for as part of their lease contract in one easy to manage monthly rental – so no big surprise repair bills to worry about!

Our maintenance package includes general servicing, tyres and standard fair wear & tear items such as the replacement of bulbs, wipers, brakes, batteries and exhausts.

What Is A Maintenance Package?

Will taking out a maintenance package on my lease car or van save me money?

Will Taking Out A Maintenance Package Save Me Money?

One of the biggest benefits when taking out a maintenance package as part of your lease contract is that everything is covered by just one fixed monthly payment, therefore spreading the cost of motoring over the length of your lease term, so you won’t have to deal with any surprise repair bills.

How much you pay for your maintenance package all depends on the type of vehicle you lease, for low long and what mileage allowance is chosen.

When deciding whether to opt for a maintenance package with your lease vehicle, we recommend working out what the overall cost of your maintenance package is compared to the price for servicing, tyres, maintenance and the replacement of general wear & tear items such as bulbs and wipers for the length of your lease term if dealing with these yourself.


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