Short, Simple, Clear Car Leasing


If you’re new to vehicle leasing, getting to grips with what Business Contract Hire (BCH) and Personal Contract Hire (PCH) is and how they both work can be somewhat daunting.

Deciding which type of lease contract is going to work best for you might come down to a number of factors such as whether you’re going to be using the vehicle – either a car or van – for business use and if you’re going to be applying for vehicle finance through a limited company, partnership, LLP or as a sole trader.

Short, Simple, Clear Car Leasing

Is a BCH agreement or PCH agreement the best option for me?

If you’re self-employed, Personal Leasing might be the best option for you, however if you’re unsure please speak to a member of our team who can help and advise you on the best lease contract to suit your needs – 01904 55 75 44.

Once you’ve decided whether to opt for Business or Personal leasing, the next big decision is which vehicle/s you wish to lease, how long for and the mileage allowance required.

We have a wide range of cars and vans to choose from on our website that are suitable for both Business and Personal leasing and if you can’t see the exact model you’re interested in leasing, please get in touch and we’ll do everything we can to find the right vehicle for you – call 01904 55 75 44.

Business Contract Hire (BCH) is basically where your company leases a car or van (or fleet) for 18 months to 4 years paying a fixed monthly amount. It’s the perfect solution for those who need a vehicle for work as well as for personal use or for employees who need to be out on the road.

There’s also extra benefits to take advantage of with a BCH agreement, such as the fact that you can claim back 50% of the VAT at the end of your lease term if your company is VAT registered (for car leasing). If you use the vehicle solely for business use only, then you can claim back 100% of the VAT (on commercial vehicles).

Personal Contract Hire (PCH) is when a private individual leases a car or van for an agreed length of time, paying a fixed monthly amount. Once the contract comes to an end, the vehicle is collected and returned.



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