What Happens When My Lease Contract Comes To An End?


Despite the fact that you never own the car you lease from Clear Car Leasing, you can be assured that all our vehicles are offered and supplied to our customers in exactly the same way as if it had been purchased outright.

It’s you who decides which make and model you would like to lease, in what colour and whether you would like to choose from the added options available.

Your chosen brand new lease car will be delivered straight to your door with two sets of keys included and also comes with a full manufacturer’s warranty as standard and depending on the manufacturer, breakdown cover might also be included as part of the warranty.

It’s up to you as the customer what lease term you would like to choose, which all depends on your personal requirements. Our lease terms generally start from 18 months going right up to 48 months, with the most popular term being a 36 month (3 year) contract.

What Happens When My Lease Contract Comes To An End?

What’s Included As Part Of My Lease Contract?


Of course you will have to decide what mileage allowance is going to suit your needs but remember that exceeding your agreed allowance could mean extra charges at the end of your contract.

The best advice is to sit down and work out exactly how many miles per annum you think you might cover – if you choose too big an allowance, say 15,000 miles per annum but only cover 10,000 miles, you are basically paying for more than you need and there’s no refund available if you get it wrong.

You can also opt for a maintenance package to be included in your contract – this a great way of controlling your motoring outgoings in one monthly fixed payment and gives you peace of mind.

A maintenance package includes servicing, tyres and maintenance for the duration of your lease contract and the cost is included in your fixed monthly payments at the start of your lease contract.

When your lease contract is coming towards the end, a collection day will be arranged with yourself and an inspection date booked so that the condition of the vehicle and the mileage used can be checked.

So long as you haven’t gone over your agreed mileage allowance and the car is returned in an acceptable condition under the Fair Wear & Tear guide, then no extra charges should be incurred by yourself, leaving you ready to start a brand new lease contract – leasing a car really is that clear and simple.


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