And How Does It Work?


When you lease a car or van from Clear Car Leasing, you enter into a contract by which you agree to lease one of our vehicles for a specific term, paying a fixed monthly amount right up until the end of your contract with us.

Once all the paperwork and credit checks have been dealt with and you’re ready to sign the lease agreement, an initial rental will be due for payment.

The initial rental on a lease agreement is usually calculated as a multiplication of the agreed monthly rental amount you’ll be paying for the duration of your lease term.

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What’s an initial rental when leasing a car or van and how does it work?

This could be the equivalent of either three, six, nine or twelve times the amount of your fixed monthly rental payments. Obviously, the higher your initial rental is, the lower your regular monthly payments will be for the duration of your contract and vice versa.

Generally, a three month initial rental is what many of our customers opt for and here’s an example of how it works:

You lease a brand new car for a period of 36 months and your fixed monthly amount to pay will be £199 per month. You want to pay an initial deposit equivalent to 3 months, which means your initial rental and the first rental amount to be collected as part of your lease agreement will be 3 x £199 = £597 followed by 35 months at £199 per month thereafter.

It’s also worth pointing out that the initial rental is NOT a deposit payment and is therefore non-refundable at the end of your lease contract.


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