Leasing a car from Clear Car Leasing is a simple and straightforward procedure


When you drive a vehicle on UK roads it must be covered by road tax to ensure your are legally allowed to drive the vehicle.

Road tax applies to all types of vehicles and lease cars are no exception, so whether you’ve decided to lease a car through your business or on a personal level, the car you choose to lease from us will be taxed so that you’re covered to drive on the roads.

All of our brand new lease cars come with road tax included in the contract unless you request otherwise.

Leasing a car from Clear Car Leasing is a simple and straightforward procedure

Whose responsibility is road tax with a lease car?


The road tax will last for the duration of the lease period you have chosen, making you’re driving experience even more straightforward and hassle-free.

Because a lease car from Clear Car Leasing is delivered to your door with road tax included, there’s no need for you to worry about taxing the vehicle for the whole period of your lease contract.

On the contrary, when you buy a car outright you must remember to tax your vehicle annually or face a fine and/or penalty points on your license if caught without.

Since October 2014, vehicle road tax has switched to online rather than the paper tax disc and according to reports has caught many people out because they can no longer see the tax disc in their windscreen to remind them when it’s due for renewal.

You can check on the DVLA website that your lease car is taxed.

So, leasing a car means you can drive happy knowing your chosen vehicle is taxed for the length of time you have it – why wouldn’t you want to lease a brand new car?


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