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When it comes to leasing a car and who’s responsibility the tyres are for the duration of your contract is a question that gets asked quite often.

A maintenance package is an option you can choose to add to your lease contract and does take the worry out of motoring, as it covers everything from servicing to tyre replacement.

If you do opt for a maintenance package this will increase your fixed monthly payments but the cost will be spread over the lease term you have chosen, so it makes sense for peace of mind to add one at the start.

With a maintenance package, you’re brand new lease car will be covered for all routine services, replacement tyres and other small repairs.

Short, Simple, Clear Car Leasing

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All of our lease cars come with a full manufacturer’s warranty as standard and depending on the make and model chosen, may also include roadside assistance and recovery.

Your maintenance package might not cover you if the wheels/tyres on your lease car are vandalised or stolen, or if a repair is needed because of driver error.

If you choose not to add a maintenance package to your contract then tyre replacement is down to you and we advise our customers to make sure that the correct standard/tyre make is fitted to your lease car.

Fitting part-worn tyres might save you a bit of money but they can be dangerous and road safety should be a priority.

And please remember, when your contract comes to an end and the car is ready to be returned, the state and condition of the tyres will be looked at during the examination of your lease car.


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