Not looking after your car during winter could lead to issues and possible fines!


Motorists in the UK are being warned about the importance of keeping their fuel tank half full over the winter months to avoid breaking down.

Not topping up your tank so that it stays around half full could lead to issues, especially in winter.

Driving in the winter can be very challenging; icy roads, heavy snow, fog, wind and rain can all affect the condition of the roads. Therefore, it’s vitally important that we look after our car or van during the winter months, to avoid problems and ensure a safe journey.

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Not maintaining your vehicle in winter could lead to possible fines if caught, as failing to clear snow or ice from your windscreen may land you with a £60 fine and so could driving around with dirty number plates.

According to a new report, not keeping your fuel tank filled to half way or more could lead to your vehicle breaking down and this is because in cold weather, condensation can happen when it comes into contact with a hot surface, so any space in the tank not filled with fluid could be flooded with air containing water vapour.

It’s older cars that are more susceptible to this happening because they have metal fuel tanks as opposed to more modern cars.

However, keeping your fuel tank topped up to half or more should prevent condensation from building up and therefore causing any problems. Also, make sure there’s enough antifreeze in your car or van to help prevent the engine’s cooling system from freezing up.


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