Salt & grit used on the roads could damage your car’s paintwork, alloy wheels and parts underneath


Following the bad weather experienced up and down the country over the past few weeks, there’s plenty of salt and grit left hanging around, used to help thaw the roads and make them safer for motorists to use.

However, what many drivers don’t know is that salt and grit used to combat wintry conditions could be causing damage to your car.

The paintwork on your car could be damaged by salt and grit as it can scratch and chip the surface but if salt manages to seep into any cracks or chips, this could cause rust and corrosion, leaving you with an expensive repair bill.

Could the winter weather be taking its toll on your car?

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Your alloy wheels could also be under threat from salt and grit leading to corrosion if left unchecked, so the best advice is to take a good look as replacing them could be costly.

The underside of a car also has many exposed parts which could be affected by salt or mucky water left on the road. Some of these parts, such as the exhaust and brake system, can be expensive to repair if damaged and left to rust from being exposed to salt.

There’s a number of ways in which motorists can help prevent any possible damage from being caused by grit and salt to their vehicle, such as keeping it clean and making regular checks.

The wash should include the underneath of your car, particularly around the wheel arches and a good waxing of your car on a regular basis can provide extra protection for the paintwork.

Following a particularly bad winter, when lots of salt and grit has been used on the roads, it might be a good idea to have your car checked out by an expert who will look for any unseen damage that could, if left, turn into a huge repair bill in the near future.



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