The interior of the car was demolished by the bear who climbed in through the driver’s side


A woman from Canton, Connecticut, got the shock of her life when she went outside to find a black bear trapped inside her vehicle.

The black bear had got into Linda Morad’s Subaru through the driver’s door and had managed to trap itself inside when the door closed behind it.

The fully grown black bear then decided rather than take it for a ride to rip the whole interior to shreds and make a total mess of the vehicle.

The interior of the car was demolished by the bear who climbed in through the driver's side

Woman’s Subaru destroyed by ‘fully grown black bear’ after getting trapped inside © Copyright Canton Police


Linda was house-sitting for a friend and noticed the lights on her car going off so she went outside to look.

As it was nighttime, she couldn’t really see what was happening but could hear noises coming from her Subaru, so she called 911 on her phone.

When officers arrived they opened the car door and the bear got out but it had totally destroyed the interior of the car. Before letting the animal out, the police managed to take a photo of the black bear trapped inside the car.

The officers said to Linda: ‘You’re not going to believe what your car looks like,’ to which she thought, ‘Well, I’ll clean it tomorrow.’

The black bear had made a real mess, tearing chunks away from the dashboard and the leather seats, whilst the trunk and the hatchback were all torn to shreds.

Linda said she doesn’t blame the bear for what happened to her car which she had left unlocked.

The bear had climbed in, found itself trapped inside when the door closed and panicked.

Bears are becoming more common in Connecticut, so residents are being urged to take extra care and try to avoid attracting their attention by keeping their garbage bins inside the garage.


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