With most of this time spent travelling to and from work!


According to new research carried out by Privilege Car Insurance, drivers in the UK spend around two years of their lives in a car!

The survey claims we spend around 63 hours per year travelling to and from work in our cars, whilst 33 hours are used up just driving to and from the supermarket.

A further 35 hours are spent travelling to see friends and family, whilst 13 hours are lost on running our children around from one place to another.

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Apparently, drivers in the UK spend around two years of their lives in a car!

And whilst for some these numbers might be slightly alarming, for others it’s hours well spent as being in the car is one way of enjoying a little ‘me time’.

The research found that almost six out of 10 (59%) of motorists agree that driving provides them with a great opportunity for some thinking time, whilst over half (52%) were happy to have some time away from their mobile phone.

One third (33%) agreed that time alone in the car allowed them a nice break from their children.

The survey found on average that drivers in the UK spend around 293 hours every year in their car and it’s motorists in Plymouth apparently who spend the most time in their cars on 416 hours a year, whereas drivers from Brighton spend the least time in their cars on 232 hours per year.

Rather than finding being in the car a burden, almost nine out of 10 (86%) enjoy listening to the radio, with two thirds (67%) admitting to joining in with a sing-song.

Furthermore, over a quarter (26%) of drivers take time in their car to listen to a podcast or audio book, whilst 27% spend some time meditating.

And not surprisingly, motorists in the UK also spend three and a half weeks of their lives shouting and/or swearing at other road users and an agonising FIVE WEEKS simply looking for a parking space!

Apparently, we spend 8.4 hours a year setting up our sat-nav’s, yet 8.7 hours are spent getting lost..what!?!

“This research has shown what a significant amount of our lives is being spent in our cars – who knew how much time we spent driving to work, or simply going to and from the supermarket for example? said Charlotte Fielding, head of Privilege Car Insurance, adding: “Whether getting from ‘A to B’ or enjoying our own space and time, there’s no doubt we spend a considerable amount of time in our cars.”



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