Warning issued as it’s revealed many young drivers try to beat the ETA on their device


According to a survey conducted by the AA Driving School, many young drivers in the UK are playing a dangerous ‘beat the sat nav’ game when behind the wheel.

The study, which polled over 19,300 drivers, found that more than one in 20 (7%) of drivers between the age of 18 to 24 and 8% of motorists aged 25 to 34 have confessed to trying to beat the estimated time of arrival (ETA) which comes up on a sat nav device when a destination is put in.

Overall, around 2% of motorists admitted that they actually race their sat nav to see if they can beat the ETA.

Of the two age groups, 9% of 18 to 24 year-olds and 7% of 25 to 34 year-olds were also the ones who were least likely to admit they had no interest in the ETA and simply used the device for navigation, whereas the figure jumped to 19% for those aged 65 or over.

Warning issued as it's revealed many young drivers try to beat the ETA on their device

Young drivers playing dangerous ‘beat the sat nav’ game, putting themselves and other road users at risk.


As of today (December 4), the driving test will now include a sat nav section for the candidate to carry out. The device will be supplied by the examiner and a destination chosen for the candidate to follow.

A number of new changes have been made to the UK driving test, all of which come into effect today and have been designed to reflect modern motoring.

However, it seems that a number of youngsters are using technology in a negative way, which could be putting themselves and other road users in danger.

“Technology is always changing the way we drive and the development of in-car systems like sat nav’s mean drivers must learn how to use them safely. Racing your sat nav is a dangerous and futile game.” said president of the AA Edmund King.


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